Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The/Their Vision is Too Small

Forgive my delay in blogging more often and pray with me for ease of flow of writing (Thank you!). 

I was inspired by a post my Sister-in-law shared yesterday.  She has received some very exciting news and knowing her, I know this is long prayed for.  Yet, at the same time different than she imagined but no less an incredible and exciting blessing/opportunity coming her way.  Her excitement is a powerful testimony to the fact that no dream of ours is too big for the Lord.  He delights in blessing His children.  It may take more time than we most often like but if we continue in faith, belief & prayer, not losing hope in God's promises, God is sure to bless and answer in wonderful unimaginable ways. 

The Lord gave me a word a little over a year ago and my Sister-in-laws exciting news reminded me of that word.  It is one that I needed to be re-encouraged in and I pray it encourages you also. 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths" Proverbs 3:5-6 NKJV

“The Vision/Their Vision is too Small”
Written by Tami Blue as directed by Holy Spirit - 1/18/2010

While on at overnight mountain cabin get away with some other women the Holy Spirit spoke what I am about to share to me. The next morning the Lord really impressed upon me that I needed to go spend time with him alone on the dock of the lake. As the Holy Spirit had shown me the day before- the sky was bright blue, sun out and there was a warm wind despite it being January in the mountains. We had a storm blow through during the late night/early morning which knocked out power and blew tree limbs all over. But the next morning after the fog had lifted it was beautiful! While on the dock the wind was soft, yet hard but warm at the same time. And, with each blow of the wind revelation & words started to flow and I’d began writing.

I thought this word was specifically in regards to one person, but it spoke to my spirit and another’s also. But still I was not sure if I was to share any further. By Holy Spirit’s leading I ended up sharing (without fore-thought to share) with one friend who came to visit. It touched her deeply and she said to me that I needed to share it; I asked if she was serious and she said “yes”. I waited and asked the Lord for confirmation if indeed I was to share it… Today, my closest friend came to spend some time and again without fore-thought was led to share with her. And again- she first said “I need you to type this out, I want it!” and then “you need to share this!” So there it was- confirmation to share.

I pray this blesses you, please note that some words are capitalized and or all caps on purpose (as Holy Spirit highlighted then to me) pause on those words and some of the words there is double meaning…

“The vision is too small, Greater things than these say’s the Lord. Greater things- Nothing is too big- NOTHING!” He has seated us at the right hand – the RIGHT hand of favor, honor & blessing- Kings & Queens, as we commit/enter into that RIGHT hand of fellowship. The table is ABUNDANT, there are unimaginable delicacies – RIPE! The people perish for lack of vision – lack of sight. The VISION (their vision) is TOO SMALL! Open your eyes to see the vision of Heaven on earth for the King’s & Queen’s of the Most High sitting at the RIGHT hand of fellowship – the Beloved, highly favored – CHOSEN ONES. Open your eyes to see Heaven, Heaven manna-fested/feast as we open our eyes to see the vision – GREAT VISION, widen the vision for it is WIDE & GREAT say’s the LORD!” Our sight has been puny in comparison to the greatness of God and of Heaven!

The rest of this word was given in parts & pieces, as I said- at first I thought this was for a particular person and it was in part but applies to all of us…

Holy Spirit spoke to me that eagles nest in high places, the House/Body is one of Victory – Victory House and that we will cruise on victory… Then He showed me in a vision a large, very large tree with many eagles roosting together not vying for position or place- together as ONE resting at ease.

Then again the Lord showed me the reflection of light as it flickered on the water and said- “The end of the book is white, pure white, not black. Yet, to darkness it is blood red.” The revelation stirred my spirit that we are hidden in Christ, we are His Bride and clothed in white just as a bride wears a beautiful gown of white, victorious and pure white- yet when the enemy/darkness looks upon us it sees blood red, the Lamb’s blood.

Glory to God!

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