Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reviving My Blog & Passion

It's been about a year since I almost completely dismantled my blog.  I did so for a few reasons of which seem absolute foolishness to me now.  Sometimes we do things, rid our lives of things that we later realize were such a vital part of who we are.  My blog is my voice, my opportunity to share what the Lord has given me through revelation, experience, knowledge, day to day life, etc...  The Lord has not let up on me in reviving "A Passionate Pursuit".  It's taken me a few months (more like several) to follow through and be obedient to His nudge.  So here we are- a rebirth so to speak of "A Passionate Pursuit", she might look the same but together with God we will breath new life into this nearly 7 year old blog.

I cannot regain all the posts I deleted via my blogger site.  But I do have them saved and will upload some of my favorites and even ones that might have significants for the present over time.  So stay posted for the new and some of the old!

I have many thoughts running over and over through my mind.  And then I will hear something or a twist on something heard and get that sparked thought of "WOW, I should write on that!"  I have my work cut out for me- ha-ha!

For a little while now two thoughts have been churning in this hamspter wheel of a brain (LOL!).  One of those thoughts has been on the integrity of our words to others.  The other thought has been about judging books by their covers.  The second of which I posted to my Facebook wall:

"It amazes me that we the Body continue to judge books by their covers (so to speak). Covers are meant to be pretty, cool, interesting in order to draw you in. The truth is what is on the inside of that cover- does it match the cover or is there a deeper story within? Take the time to learn where your judgements come from- is it lack, insecurity, hurt, someone else's words...  LOVE that book as you love & value yourself and take the time to learn the truth to each individual book- you might discover some fascinating truths that might just bond you for life ♥"

So for the moment I'll post this and scoure some of my older blogs to see if one pops up that should be shared again and given a fresh breath of life.  So apropo since we are at the very near of Spring (my favorite time of year!).
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