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Daily Ponderings - Set Free Through Our Judgments

Daily Ponderings – Set Free Through Our Judgments
By Tamara “Tami” Blue

We know that the Bible states that by the same measure that we judge, we will be judged (Matthew 7:1-2). In my own life I know this to be true, some of the things I have judged I am or have been also judged for. I have written and shared on one of those judgments before but again today it came to me because not only was it a previous judgment but it has become a testimony of sorts.

That judgment that I once judged is regarding Holy Spirit laughter- I once judged it as ungodly, not of God. And then one day- BAM! I got hit with it and could not stop- wave after wave of laughter. I could not stop, I was somewhat embarrassed because I felt I was making a spectacle of myself and yet I was not in control. There have been times of being overcome by Holy Spirit in wave after wave of laughter and tears sweeping over me- so healing and so freeing and yet, so contrary to my previous beliefs. God being the wonderful amazing God that he is took me into a new thing and into a new dimension of who He is and who I’m not.

Since that first experience I’ve been overcome several times by Holy Spirit laughter and a fire over my body (which literally can be felt by others). And, yes, I have been judged harshly for it by some whose beliefs don’t allow for such a thing to be of God. It grieves me at times to be judged for this and yet I once was the person who was doing the judging, and I understand where it is coming from. I try not to be one who wishes harm or judgment on others- that Godly conviction inside of me most often prevents me from going there and overriding my mind and or emotions. But I have to admit that in this one subject I make an exception. I do wish that in this particular judgment, that those who judge me will themselves be judged for the same. Why would I wish this? Because I know personally the healing benefits and many purposes in which Holy Spirit would allow such a thing to occur. And, because I have learned much about the very thing I judged. My modesty mask has been stripped away for my own benefit and for the healing benefit of others and I praise God for it! God can use all things to His glory and for our benefit which in turns ultimately becomes of benefit to others- even our judgments. In a moment that I was not expecting it God took me from one dimension of understanding to another.

At first, I did not completely understanding and tried to rationalize it out by human reasoning. But since that time I have been overcome by His Holy Spirit on several occasions. In those times it opened up more of my understanding. He speaks so gently, so lovingly and yet even very silly to me in those moments and it reveals a new mystery of who He is to me. In those times He allows my spirit to become more sensitive and my hearing sometimes to be altered but in a marvelous revelatory way. I might hear a person mention a worry they have in that moment and God shows me how silly that worry is from His perspective. He shares his amusement with me and in that moment where I am overcome by laughter. I have been witness to watching as that person who shared the worry- all of the sudden came to a personal realization and then laughter as well, healing revelatory laughter. It’s wonderful, so joyous to be a part of this- to watch as a person relinquishes certain fears, masks or other things that had held them back.

Since the first time of being smacked upside my head with God’s silly stick- He has used my willingness to let Him have His way in and over me to bring healing to others. I now consider this one judgment- joy. He stripped away a layer that held me back from allowing Him dominion over me. He has set me free in this area so that He can use me to set others free. I have become a conduit for His fire and His joy. I take joy in being used by God in this new wonderful way. I take great joy in embracing others in a beautiful healing hug and having the joy, the fire and laughter of the Holy Spirit overcome me and spill onto the one I’m hugging, especially those who were downcast (wow, what a privilege). My prior judgment in this area has become an anointing, how mysteriously marvelous is that? God uses foolishness to confound the wise, His ways are not our ways, and they are higher, wider, deeper, and even mysteriously strange to our human reasoning.

So in conclusion people- judge me for the laughter that comes over me in the Holy Spirit; judge me for the wild, undignified outbursts of fiery laughter. I will rejoice in it because I know that our God is an incredibly just God and will use this and other things to bring us all together eventually in understanding and unity. I look forward to the day when we are all ROFLOL together with Jesus.

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